Aid Reaching Children

Duhun’s Story

Duhun_Grundstein__106_[1]Duhun is a young boy of 4 who was introduced to us by Deepika. When asked what he wished for he said he wished he could go to school. He was too young to go to school but Deepika made his wish come true by getting him into kindergarten. He was delighted to be going as other children were going off to school. Duhun lived with his mum in a small hut not more than 8 feet away from the railway line. Kids were often seen playing on the line it was the normal thing to do in their eyes. Duhun’s mum made the most of what she had and every time someone gave her another piece of wood she would put it up on the hut to try and cover another hole. She is diabetic and recently stood on a nail and had to have an operation to remove some of the foot as infection got in and they were scared they would have to amputate her foot. She has a job working a coir wheel but brings only 200rupees a day.

duhun6[1] food deliveryA.R.C put Duhan and his mum on their sponsorship programme and immediately set out looking for a sponsor. They didn’t have to look far as a man called Wayne was staying in a nearby hotel and asked A.R.C about their work. They explained and invited Wayne to come and look for himself. He agreed and as soon as he met Duhun and his mum there was an instant bond. Wayne is now sending monthly payments to feed and educate Duhun and his mum.

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