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Baranasoriya Orphanage

Baranasoriya boys

Baranasoriya Boys Home is about 1km jungle side and accommodates 28 young boys. On our first visit there the boys greeted us with huge smiles and warm hugs but it wasn’t enough to hide the neglect they were obviously suffering. A.R.C thought this would be the perfect project to take on. We spent time getting to know the boys and then for our first task, we made plans to put a perimeter fence around the grounds to make the home safe and secure. The boys all helped to clear and prepare the ground for the fencing. Two of the volunteers scrubbed down the main gate and gave it a good coat of paint, this made a big difference to the tatty one that greeted us previously. Within a few weeks, (we had to wait for concrete posts to be made) the fence was complete. We had a big party at the hotel where we were staying and we also took all the boys out to buy them some new clothing. After a couple more visits we found out a few disturbing stories of things that were supposedly going on at the orphanage. There were reasons which we felt was strong enough for us to put our money else where so we finished off the fencing and started to look for another project. We do however still go back to the the orphanage on every visit to make sure the boys are in good health and we also take them a few treats, and it is planned to take them all on a day trip in the near future. We will still visit every time we go out to Sri Lanka. Click here to see a few pictures of our first visit to the Baranasoriya Childrens Home.

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