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Den Den’s Story

This young lady was born in the Philippines and lives on a small island from the mainland. She was born with severe facial deformities and has only one eye. Most of her life she has lived secluded from the other children as they ridiculed her and she felt she couldn’t face the world. Up until recently she had never had her photograph taken. Two colleagues of Linda Garnham approached A.R.C and it was decided that we would help to get her surgery to rectify the problems.

Den Den (real name Ann Marie) said her one wish was to look pretty like her sister. A.R.C arranged for her to have scans and tests in preparation for her operations and also found a sponsor from England to help with the cost of the operations.

Den Den and her sister

In May 2014, Den Den underwent surgery and is back on home with her eldest sister where she is doing very well. We will have photos in the near future and will keep you informed of her progress.

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